Matinais Musicais | Multiplensemble
Matinais Musicais | Multiplensemble
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Matinais Musicais | Multiplensemble

The Vigo-based group Multiplensemble presents at the Gaiás, as part of the Matinais Musicais cycle, an avant-garde proposal in which they experiment with sounds, tackling new sound languages.

The musical performance to be staged at the Cidade da Cultura will feature:

    Rafael Yebra, saxophones
    Brenda Vidal, piano
    David Rodríguez, percussion

The members of Multiplensemble have extensive experience in the field of performance and teaching, and with projects presented in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium and Austria, they aim to dynamise an itinerary in which the art of the present cohabits in multiple contexts.

The Perspectives programme brings together a series of musical pieces to introduce us to the world of contemporary music through an itinerary through the European, Asian and American continents in which rhythm and melody characterise each of the proposals, all of which are compositions written in the present century. The diversity, eclecticism and variety of themes with which some of these authors bring us closer to the world of sound invite us to a journey in which we can enjoy music as the art of sounds without further ado.

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Matinais Musicais | Multiplensemble
Matinais Musicais | Multiplensemble

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Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
Lugar de la Ciudad de la Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, 15702
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