maré. música e artes atlánticas
maré. música e artes atlánticas
24/09/2020 - 27/09/2020
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maré is a cultural, artistic, social and professional event that was (re)born in 2020 in Compostela after 15 years of experience of Cantos na Maré.

maré emerges with that same spirit of adding and sharing the values and talents of the Galician-Portuguese speaking territories, now converted into an even wider ocean where rivers and tributaries flow with new currents as essential as they are unstoppable.


Thursday 24
19:30. Toty Sa´Med
21:00. A Pedreira
Hotel NH Collection

Friday 25
19:30. LaBaq
21:00. Nacho – Faia – LAR
Hotel NH Collection

Saturday 26
12:30. Gala cantosnamaré
17:00. aRi[t]mar | Poesía na maré. With Carlos da Aira, Raquel Lima, Emma Pedreira and Mercedes Queixas
19:30. Gala cantosnamaré. With António Zambujo and Sabela + Miguel Araújo, Faia and Toty Sa´Med
21.00. Bifannah
Hotel NH Collection

Sunday 27
12:00. Meeting of the Rede da Galilusofonia
Hotel NH Collection




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maré. música e artes atlánticas
maré. música e artes atlánticas

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