Liberdade enmascarada
Liberdade enmascarada
23/09/2020 - 25/10/2020
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Liberdade enmascarada

The mask: Defined as an object that represents a human, animal or purely imaginary face, with which people can cover the face so as not to be recognized, take on the appearance of another, or practice certain scenic or ritual activities. This transforming element is all this and more.

Without a doubt the mask is the symbol of the moment we are living. It is an emblem of protection and resistance that shows the fragility of the human being.

As in the present, the mask was in the past an important tool of defence against toxic agents or diseases, pests and plagues, which stalked our societies and proved to be devastating. In a way, this element brings us closer to our ancestors, who for the reasons mentioned, and many others, had to make use of it. But the final consequence always turned out to be hiding the face, unifying faces and losing individual identity.

As a means of communication, artistic expression helps them to manage our concerns and share them with others. That is why Creativas Galegas gathers through this exhibition, a small sample of Galician art and craft professionals working with the mask, in its typological diversity, as a central element. An imaginative proposal that the collective displays around this article of obligatory actuality.

Each one tries to wear the mask without losing their freedom and to maintain individual recognition, within the community. To fly, and to feel free like birds.

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Liberdade enmascarada
Liberdade enmascarada

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