José Ramón Ais
José Ramón Ais
15/12/2022 - 15/01/2023
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José Ramón Ais

Las bellas horas is a photographic essay made up of 12 scenes of a fictitious garden, images constructed as "dioramas", the result of a slow process of observation and experimentation.

The title of the series is inspired by the "books of hours" of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. These miniature-illustrated books were articulated according to the hours of the prayers of the day and the twelve months of the year; they represented the passing of the seasons and agricultural work in the different epochs. They were a sociological and artistic document that composed a faithful costumbrist portrait of the life of the different social strata of the Middle Ages, from the aristocratic elites and the clergy to the peasantry.

Years ago I began to use the family orchard as a studio, initially limiting myself to photographing plants, but this process developed in me an interest in flowers, botany, gardens and landscape that made me become a passionate apprentice gardener.  This place became a kind of laboratory - garden - studio where I grew and experimented with what would later be photographed.

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José Ramón Ais
José Ramón Ais

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