Juan Amodeo: Avangelio
Juan Amodeo: Avangelio
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Juan Amodeo: Avangelio

All the absolute truths will be dismantled in this new show. For 90 minutes we will present a revolutionary new product that will make you question everything you have known until now: Avangelio.

We live in a world that is sustained by lies, we are lied to from the time we are small and the biggest precursors of this global deception are mothers.

This statement is totally demonstrable, we only have to think of all the times our mothers have told us: "take a coat, it will cool down later" and it has never cooled down. They are not the only ones, in the movies they show us an idealised form of sex in the shower, and we all know that it is impossible to have sex in the shower and not lose dignity.

Attend the change, open your eyes and get out of the lie, join the truth, the revolution is here.

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Juan Amodeo: Avangelio
Juan Amodeo: Avangelio

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