It's a wrap [Kubrick is dead] - La Intrusa
It's a wrap [Kubrick is dead] - La Intrusa
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It's a wrap [Kubrick is dead] - La Intrusa

It's over! This is the end.
6 characters from Kubrick's filmography receive the news of his death.
They will then try to defend their identity, their existence and to shape their drama and their own destiny, their authentic creation: their own.

Is there a way to leave our destiny without being heartbroken, or end up falling into the greatest nostalgia?

A piece with a strong sense of physicality at the service of a multidisciplinary dramaturgy, which weaves from maximum fiction towards essences of the human condition; to present an exercise of retro-projection towards our future as characters, performers and people.
Artistic direction: Virginia García, Damián Muñoz
Dramaturgy: Virginia García
Creation and interpretation: Miguel Zomas, Alexis Fernández, Carmen Fumero, Raquel Buil, Virginia García, Damián Muñoz
Original Score: Jesús Díaz
Soundtrack: La intrusa
Voice-over: Pau Cólera
Lighting: La Intrusa, Dani Badal
Scenic space: La intrusa
Costumes: Ana Tichy
Production: Cane ( N. Canela)

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It's a wrap [Kubrick is dead] - La Intrusa
It's a wrap [Kubrick is dead] - La Intrusa

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