II NormalizAutismo Benefit Concert
II NormalizAutismo Benefit Concert
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II NormalizAutismo Benefit Concert

The Galician non-profit organisation NormalizAutismo Galicia, promoted by relatives and friends of people with autism spectrum disorders, presents its second charity concert. The City Council of Santiago, the hall Sónar Directo, Galletas para Matilde and Beyla collaborate with their support to the celebration of the concert.

All the invited artists will collaborate individually and collectively, so we will be able to enjoy versions and melodies never heard before. The Galician artists Guadi Galego, Luis Fercán, Jorge Casal, David Prado, Xavier Vizcaíno, Álvaro Iglesias and Silvia Penide will be accompanied by other national artists such as Fran Fernández, Rebeca Jiménez, Dani Hare, Silvia, Yoli Saa, Vicky Gastelo and Adriana Moragues.

If you cannot attend the concert you can collaborate in the Fila Cero whose account number is: ES08 2100 2186 9402 0050 9590

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II NormalizAutismo Benefit Concert
II NormalizAutismo Benefit Concert

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Teatro Principal
Rúa Nova, 22, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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18 €