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II Compostela Photo
II Compostela Photo
01/08/2022 - 10/11/2022
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II Compostela Photo

Garages in the Ensanche district of Santiago de Compostela host the second edition of the Compostela Photo urban festival, an initiative of Santiago Centro that seeks to revitalise the streets of the Ensanche as a shopping and leisure area, turning them into a unique exhibition space, with the capacity to offer a cultural and participatory asset to residents and visitors throughout the year. This is an exhibition of large-format photographs which, in this second edition, is once again related to the Xacobean event through the vision of a selected group of 15 visual artists and amateur photographers.

Under the direction of the contemporary art expert Javier Blanco, the second edition of Compostela Photo brings together 15 new images that will surprise passers-by with their location on access gates to garages in the new area of Compostela. Eight of the works belong to the professional visual artists invited by the organisation Sebas Anxo, Xulio Villarino, María Moldes, Antón Rodicio, Ariadna Silva, Jesús Chacón, Llum A. González and Edu Valiña. The remaining seven were selected from the works submitted to the first Compostela Photo competition, headed by the winning photograph by Marcos Boedo, accompanied by those taken by Carlos Cambre, Antonio López Santos, Loly Mato, Ramón R. Nóvoa, Inés Pesado and Ramón Rivas.


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II Compostela Photo
II Compostela Photo

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