Golfa | Primera Toma-Crémilo
Golfa | Primera Toma-Crémilo
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Golfa | Primera Toma-Crémilo

One morning, graffiti reading "GOLFA" appears in front of the door of a high school, an anonymous insult that uncovers the story that precedes it.

Amanda and Fran were a couple a few months ago, teenagers whose experience is that of so many, a relationship that was cut short. This fact would have no relevance if immediately after this break-up Amanda did not suffer terrible virtual harassment that led her parents to denounce Fran as the possible perpetrator. Until the facts are clarified, the school management decides to remove Fran from her classes.

Faced with increasingly confusing facts, the judge in charge of the case proposes an option with the aim of stopping the escalation of events: a cordial agreement consisting of an online meeting with the sexologist Jordán Gómez, a sex therapy session to be attended by Fran, Amanda and Fran's mother, with the particularity that these meetings will be freely accessible online by requesting a list and identifying themselves. All of us will be witnesses of this sexoloxy session.


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Golfa | Primera Toma-Crémilo
Golfa | Primera Toma-Crémilo

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