Manuela Palacio
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Manuela Palacio
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On the first Sunday of each month (except long weekends) from January to May, the CGAC, in collaboration with the Galician Critics Association, will be offering new encounters where you can participate in philosophical discussions while enjoying a cup of coffee while contemplating a work of art.

The Philo Cafés at the CGAC are public conversations open to anyone interested in discussing philosophical concerns and points of view from any discipline or level of knowledge.

The sessions will be directed by professionals from various disciplinary backgrounds. Joining us this year will be Quico Cadaval, playwright; Beatriz Busto Miramontes, anthropologist; Manuela Palacios González, philologist; Antón Lopo, author; and a well-known figure in the world of art, Miguel Ángel Cajigal Vera (known on Twitter as El Barroquista).

Every month, we’ll take a work of art from the CGAC Collection out of the museum’s storage area. The idea is for it to join us and lead us into a discussion.

The selected artwork will serve as a take-off point to spark the conversation. But the conversation will not be focused on art, or not only on art, but rather it will encompass any topic suggested by the piece on many different levels—conceptual, formal or superficial. The conversation may revolve around science, gastronomy, politics, music, philosophy, cinema, aesthetics, current events… anything from the mundane to the sublime, inviting everyone to give his or her opinion and thoughts on the issues that crop up spontaneously.



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Manuela Palacio
Manuela Palacio

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