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Fillas de Cassandra
Fillas de Cassandra
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This year, on Music Day, we embark on a journey between present and past with the Fillas de Cassandra, one of the most promising new emerging music projects on the Galician scene. The duo from Vigo is committed to the recovery of traditional melodies and the creation of new lyrics, inspired by the singing of oral tradition, but also influenced by pop, electronic and classical music.

They will perform on 24 June at 9 p.m. in the Cidade da Cultura, in a free concert in which they will perform their first album Acrópole, released in February of this year.
Little more than a year after their formation, Fillas de Cassandra have already accumulated more than twenty concerts in festivals such as Terraceo, in Vigo, Ikfem, in Tui, or Festivala in Vilagarcía de Arousa. In addition to this, these new promises are winners of the Ari[t]mar award for best music in Galicia and Best album of the year with Acrópole. 

Their emotive and carefree compositions manage to connect with an intergenerational audience with a feminist activism, taking them on a journey between present and past throughout history with the heroines of classical mythology as protagonists. The piano and the different percussions supported by electronic bases enter into a perfect harmony with her careful vocals, thus creating a unique atmosphere with a powerful sonority.

This passion for ancient myths is reflected in their name, which takes inspiration from the myth of Cassandra from Greek mythology, a priestess of Apollo who was condemned to predict the future, but never to be believed, which for them represents the current situation in which women are always questioned.

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Fillas de Cassandra
Fillas de Cassandra

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Fillas de Cassandra
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