EM·NA - Colectivo Glovo
EM·NA - Colectivo Glovo
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EM·NA - Colectivo Glovo

The piece EM-NA is based on the idea of vibration as a manipulative element. It is an investigation into "subcutaneous acoustics" through vibration and the resulting silence in the body of the other. The relationship between the performers goes through different states: compressing, stretching, changing the rhythm of their own vibration, and all this starting from their individual physicality.

The scenic composition of the bodies shows the different states and spaces of the same vibration through a contemporary, naked, raw and everyday physicality. The strong presence of the Japanese world and spirit creates an aesthetic full of meaningful and forceful details.


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EM·NA - Colectivo Glovo
EM·NA - Colectivo Glovo

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Rúa Nova, 22, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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