Elisa e Marcela
Elisa e Marcela
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Elisa e Marcela

Year 1901, A Coruña. Two women get married in the Church of San Jorge, one of them dressed as a man. A story of police chases, stagecoach escapes, changes of identity and manipulated information.

The comedians of A Panadaría present an irreverent reconstruction of a real event. A musical comedy where the truth seems invented. Elisa e Marcela is a love story against time.
Artistic data
Creation and Interpretation: Areta Bolado, Noelia Castro and Ailén Kendelman

Direction: Gena Baamonde

Text: A Panadaría and Gena Baamonde

Original music: Ailén Kendelman

Lighting: Laura Iturralde and Montse Piñeiro

Costumes: Fanibell

Support design: Beatriz de Vega

Support and fabric construction: CDG

Graphic image: Noelia Castro

Photography: Pilar Abades

Video: Alex Penabade

Singing consultant: Marión Sarmiento

Production: Ailén Kendelman

oduction assistant: Liza G. Suárez

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Elisa e Marcela
Elisa e Marcela

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Rúa Nova, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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Elisa e Marcela
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