El hijo | Daniel Abreu
El hijo | Daniel Abreu
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El hijo | Daniel Abreu

The son talks about the link to the parents and a place, and what is done with that. The offspring. In a way, to understand oneself as an individual who is unleashed, but entangled very deeply in a repetition of forms and facts. Something that can only be partially explained, because in the end, the individual always carries with him the reinterpretation of that history, as echoes.

A man in nature, his arrival, the magic of being born, the development linked to the primary and culture and, from there, to what shapes him and his path. It is through the poetics of the image and the sound, that I present a descendant, and that without being present I speak of progenitors, places and, above all, of the magical. And dance allows the celebration of being alive and having a history.

Creation, lighting and interpretation: Daniel Abreu


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El hijo | Daniel Abreu
El hijo | Daniel Abreu

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