Dous camiños. Santiago - Kumano
Dous camiños. Santiago - Kumano
05/11/2020 - 10/01/2021
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Within the framework of the International Meeting of Travel Books Compostela Ilustrada, every year a project is designed with female illustrators with the aim of highlighting the role of women in the art world. In this fourth edition, the artist selected was Asturian Catalina Rodríguez, with the aim of carrying out an ambitious project that would take her on a journey and draw the Kumano Kodo and the Winter Way.

In November 2019, Catalina arrived in Wakayama Prefecture to start the Kumano Kodo. During her stay she was accompanied by American photographer Caroline White, who was in charge of portraying this thousand-year-old road. On her return from Japan, she collaborated with the ceramist Covadonga del Campo, which resulted in a free and personal interpretation of the similarities discovered between the graphics of Galicia and Japan.

The second part of the project -the Winter Way-, took place in the last week of May 2020, when, after the confinement originated by the Covid-19, the doors of the houses were opened again. From the Médulas to Santiago, the different stages were covered in a unique period due to the shortage of pilgrims, which meant that each stop had been enjoyed from the point of view of the residents. In the words of the illustrator, the nature of this route, a constant from beginning to end, turned this journey into an open window and a continuous reflection on ourselves.



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Dous camiños. Santiago - Kumano
Dous camiños. Santiago - Kumano

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