Dos pájaras y media
Dos pájaras y media
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Dos pájaras y media

Carmen Alcayde and Carolina Noriega are two very different birds to share the stage, but Nerea Garmendia arrived with her multiple flaws, and they asked themselves: what do we do with this one? Well, let's put her in the show and at least let her give the audience a good show.

Carmen's years of marriage weigh her down and she flays her husband and anyone who gets in her way... Carolina goes her own way, she doesn't care about Prince Charming, but she gets involved with whoever she wants... However, Nerea, Nancy the moron, has enough on her plate... she's like those grandmothers who only talk about illnesses. She has them all.

A trio of monologues in pink, black and hospital green, that you will only be able to enjoy if you spread your wings and dare to fly with them in this passionate show.

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Dos pájaras y media
Dos pájaras y media

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