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Daimon y la jodida lógica - Matarile Teatro

Matarile's latest creation directed by Ana Vallés is supported by a team of 14 people, nine of whom are interpreters. In 2018/19 the Azkuna Zentroa and the Centro de Danza de Zaragoza organise two auditions where 150 candidates are presented, two of which are selected to join the DAIMON project.
Fate, the voice of conscience, intuition, angel or devil, the rumour of the inner voice that stops or pushes. A hidden, unpredictable presence that determines acts and decisions that we cannot rationally explain.  We can give it a corporeality, a dark or collaborative presence, imagine a figure that accompanies us and that is not me, and our "I" would remain intact, integral.



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Daimon y la jodida lógica - Matarile Teatro
Daimon y la jodida lógica - Matarile Teatro

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Auditorio de Galicia
Avenida do Burgo das Nacións, Santiago de Compostela, 15782
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10 €