Curtocircuíto 2021
Curtocircuíto 2021
02/10/2021 - 10/10/2021
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Curtocircuito - International Film Festival of Santiago de Compostela, continues to be a meeting point and a place for the confluence of different disciplines, maintaining the main focus on auteur cinema and the commitment to contemporary languages.

The festival's interdisciplinary programme includes artists such as Somos la herencia & espírituescalera, Vera Fauna, Verde Prato, Crnds & Álvaro Chior & Fransy González, Cruhda & Adataberna, Severine Beata & Loopitas, Ivankovà, Óscar Martín and Artur M Puga.
The Galician programme at this edition will feature the director Enar de Dios, to whom the Terra section will be dedicated; twelve proposals in competition in the traditional Planeta GZ; and nine pieces by new creators who will talk about identity, future or love in Supernova, from science fiction, DIY documentary or social drama.



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Curtocircuíto 2021
Curtocircuíto 2021

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