Compostela Ilustrada- Summer Edition
Compostela Ilustrada- Summer Edition
07/08/2020 - 13/08/2020
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Compostela Ilustrada- Summer Edition

Throughout the month of August, a series of activities designed by the City Council of Santiago and Compostela Ilustrada will take place throughout the city, mixing, as always, drawing and culture, and in which we will have some top-level guests so that nobody leaves their watercolours and notebooks locked up at home.

In this Summer Edition, we will be visited by the director of the event Maru Godas, who will give a workshop with wine; the Valencian illustrator María Herreros, who will make the traditional mural live, will talk about her work and give a portrait workshop; Catalina Rodríguez, who comes from Asturias to offer us a workshop on how to illustrate yoga and to talk about her latest project on the paths; Luis Ruiz Padrón will land from Malaga to teach us how to draw great architecture, present his books and tell us about his work in illustrated journalism; MeliMolita from Orense, winner of last year's Compostela Illustrated Prize, will teach us how to draw in the Mercado de Abastos, where we will have a pop-up exhibition of Laurent Corvaisier's work on the square; and the Bosquejeros collective will present their experience during the COVID making portraits of the Volta do Castro Residence in Santiago.




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Compostela Ilustrada- Summer Edition
Compostela Ilustrada- Summer Edition

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