Cigarreiras - Contraproducións
Cigarreiras - Contraproducións
28/01/2022 - 29/01/2022
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Cigarreiras - Contraproducións

If the plot is the story of a socially impossible relationship between a proletarian woman and a bourgeois, the work can also be read as a testimony to the political crisis that led to the fall of the Bourbon dynasty in 1868 and the proclamation of the First Republic in 1873. It was a confusing and convulsive period in which many echoes of the present day can be heard.

A gestation and birth synchronised with the vicissitudes of the protagonist, who, when she is giving birth to her bastard child, hears the voice of a crowd in the street shouting: Long live the Federal Republic!

Author: Play based on La Tribuna by Emilia Pardo Bazán

Version and direction: Cándido Pazó

Cast: Tamara Canosa, Susana Dans, Merce Castro, Isabel Naveira, Berta Ojea, Ana Santos, Ledicia Sola

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Cigarreiras - Contraproducións
Cigarreiras - Contraproducións

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