Ciclo Mércores de varanda:  SÉS
Ciclo Mércores de varanda: SÉS
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Ciclo Mércores de varanda: SÉS

The CDG celebrates the centenary of the Salón Teatro with the musical programme Mércores de varanda, which will offer eight concerts by Galician artists and groups to commemorate the centenary of the inauguration of this building on Rúa Nova in Compostela, where the Xunta de Galicia's theater production unit has been based since 1999.


September 10
20.30: Anxo Lorenzo

September 17
20.30: Hugo Franco e Claudia Abril

September 23
20.30: Emilio Rúa

September 30
20.30: Xoán Curiel

October 7
20.30: Susana Seivane

October 14
20.30: Ses

October 21
20.30: Dequenvessendo

October 28
20.30: Sofía Espiñeira



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Ciclo Mércores de varanda:  SÉS
Ciclo Mércores de varanda: SÉS

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Salón Teatro
Rúa Nova, 34, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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All the concerts will take place at 8.30pm and entrance will be free, after having withdrawn from the Salón Teatro box office from two hours before the start of the performances and until the capacity is full, which is currently restricted to 60 people in accordance with the health control measures in force in the city.