Chico César
Chico César
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Chico César

The legend of Brazilian music, Chico César, is a composer and has collaborated on numerous albums and tours of great artists such as Chico Buarque, María Betania, Daniela Mercury, Richard Galliano and Luis Pastor, among others.

Winner of the Brazilian Music Award in the rock, reggae, hip hop and funk categories, Chico César surprises in 2022 with a new album, Vestido de amor, the tenth of his career, a multicultural album with Brazilian, Western, Caribbean and African rhythms, ranging from forró to Xamaican reggae, calypso and coconut, passing through electrifying urban rock.

The co-author of Sting's Grammy Award-winning song "Soberana Rosa" will present his new album on a European tour, which will include a stop in Santiago de Compostela as part of the Marea 22 festival.

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Chico César
Chico César

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