Bernarda - Malasombra
Bernarda - Malasombra
20/05/2021 - 21/05/2021
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Bernarda - Malasombra

'Bernarda' is a close, understandable and universal story. We all know someone like Bernarda in our environment, and we all have a bit of Bernarda inside us, because this generational clash between parents and children is a universal constant, and depending on which side we are we see reality in a totally different way. When we are children we want to break with the rules imposed on us, and when we are parents we see ourselves as the ones who impose them, for their sake, and this clash between generations living together in the same house is inevitable.

María Casares Award for the best show 2020



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Bernarda - Malasombra
Bernarda - Malasombra

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