Atlantic Emprende + Gaiás 2020
Atlantic Emprende + Gaiás 2020
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Atlantic Emprende + Gaiás is a meeting place for professionals and students of the music industry, with the objective of developing markets, both for the music sector and for those companies that seek to promote their business by working with music as a tool.

Music creates jobs, improves the public health system and contributes to community participation and interaction. It generates quality tourism and promotes urban regeneration in a sustainable way. Music is a tool to make cities and places better.


17:00h Brett Anderson. Suede
Tardes de persianas baixadas

18:00h. Alba Barneda. Agencia Canada
Creativos de nova xeración. O poder da imaxe na música ou na publicidade

19:00h. Javier Mariscal. Designer
“Fascinar, Sorprender, Convencer”

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Atlantic Emprende + Gaiás 2020
Atlantic Emprende + Gaiás 2020

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Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
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