Festas do Apóstolo 2020
Festas do Apóstolo 2020
17/07/2020 - 31/07/2020
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This year's Apostle's festivities bring proposals for all audiences in smaller and safer formats, giving a boost to local and nearby artists, complemented by other more renowned artists to make a program for all audiences. Circus, music, cinema and humour join the traditional events of these dates: the Torneo de Chave, the Día do Traxe, Gigantes y Cabezudos and the Día de Padrón.

All the activities are for free (except for one marked in the Teatro Principal) and require a reservation through reservations.gal (active from Monday 13 at 12am) to keep control of the capacity. For all of them it will be necessary to go with a mask 30 minutes before, which will be mandatory.

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Festas do Apóstolo 2020
Festas do Apóstolo 2020

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