A caza - Alberto Vázquez
A caza - Alberto Vázquez
21/01/2021 - 27/02/2021
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"A Caza" shows the 22 originals of the comic of the same name, winners of the Castelao Comic Prize awarded annually by the Deputación de A Coruña. Set in a jungle environment, "A Caza" penetrates the story of a primitive man chasing an animal. Through a narrative full of metaphors and graphics that oscillate between abstraction and figuration, universal themes such as the conflict between man and nature, pollution and emigration are dealt with.

The works have been created using the sumi-e technique with Chinese ink, a painting technique that emerged in the 2nd century in China, considered to be the "art of the essential". In the words of the renowned cartoonist Albert Monteys, member of the jury of the Castelao Comic Award, Alberto Vázquez "surprises us with a change of register that refers to the classics of the early graphic novel, such as Ward or Masereel, but that could take us back to Altamira, or to the story of a shaman by the fire. An atavistic, powerful, absorbing and musical comic".



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A caza - Alberto Vázquez
A caza - Alberto Vázquez

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