A arte de comezar e a arte de rematar
A arte de comezar e a arte de rematar
13/04/2022 - 29/10/2022
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A arte de comezar e a arte de rematar

The Art of Beginning and the Art of Ending proposes a re-reading of the literary values that Italo Calvino considered should be preserved in the millennium in which we now find ourselves: lightness, speed, accuracy, visibility and multiplicity. In the exhibition, these five concepts are taken to a purely plastic dimension, fundamentally in the field of painting and sculpture.

For example, for the Italian author, lightness is manifested in the fragility of the Medusa in Ovid's Metamorphosis or in the contemporary literature of Milan Kundera, and this lightness is glimpsed in the exhibition in the paintings of Esteban Vicente or Sean Scully. The author speaks of exactitude in the poetry of Paul Valéry and in the exhibition this value is perceived in the sculptures of Jorge Oteiza or Luis Caruncho.

The works from the ABANCA Collection selected for this exhibition, which includes artists such as Kandinsky, Picasso, Dalí, Maruja Mallo, Ángelo de Sousa, Washington Barcala, José María de Labra and Eugenio Fernández Granell, among others, are viewed and read with this interplay of relationships.

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A arte de comezar e a arte de rematar
A arte de comezar e a arte de rematar

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Centro Abanca Obra Social
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