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The Brandelos Recreational Area is located in the parish of Prevediños. It features a sulphurous water fountain, installations with toilets and a chapel. There are also leisure facilities such as barbecues, benches, tables or litterbins.

The area is easily accessed. It features an extensive area for parking, good accessibility and suitable lighting. The area is visible from the road.

How to get there
It can be reached from Touro via the AC-240 road that runs through the municipality from east to west. It passes through the parishes of Touro, Loxo, Bama, Fonte Rosas and Prevediños. Once inside this last parish, you follow the road until you come across it on the right.

NOTE: The exact coordinates of all the municipality of Touro’s recreational areas are available in an application for mobile phones.



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Brandelos Recreational Area
Brandelos Recreational Area

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Prevediños, Touro, 15822