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An area for walking and resting in the only carballeira (oak grove) owned by the municipality. It was opened in 2006 and is located in the town of Silleda itself, being made up of 264 perfectly aligned trees, among which the oaks and, to a lesser extent, birches stand out. This open space, which is free and can be visited all year round, is ideal for enjoying a walk with the family and with animals.

It has a surface area of 20,430 square metres, of which 722 belong to pedestrian paths and a small circular trail. A total of 670 square metres are occupied by play areas, distributed among family recreational areas, with a children’s playground, a bio-healthy park featuring 10 elements, which is very popular with persons suffering from cardiovascular problems and those subject to slimming diets, and sports grounds for basketball and five-a-side football. There is also a stone fountain with drinking water and a circular circuit for running and trekking.

Since 2012, it has been used to host the Music Day event organised by Silleda's Municipal Music School, wich attracts thousands of people.

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As Pedrosas Recreational Area
As Pedrosas Recreational Area

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As Pedrosas, Silleda, 36540