estado do tempo
Today is monday 22 december, it is 11ºC and slightly cloudy in Santiago

Stars on the Way

John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Paulo Coelho, Peio Ruiz Cabestany, Martin Sheen, Brian Sewell, Elías Valiña: Voices and presences along the Way.


Benedict XVI and the Botafumeiro in the Cathedral


Paulo Coelho - Peregrino de la luz

Peio Ruiz Cabestany

Peio Ruiz Cabestany - Last stage of the Way


Peio Ruiz en Santiago de Compostela

Brian Sewell - The Naked Pilgrim: The Road to Santiago


Elías Valiña – Signposter of the Way


Cammino di Santiago - con la voce di Papa Giovanni Paolo II


The Way – Trailer (EN)


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