estado do tempo
Today is thursday 27 october, it is ºC and in Santiago



The Express Tapasporte can be used by visitors or tourists staying in any city
hotel, with a minimum of 1 overnight stay.

The Express Tapasporte, which has its own special section in the Tapasporte,
is available from the same places as the latter:

1. Municipal office in Praza de Galicia, starting from May 12, from 12 noon to 3 pm
and 5 pm to 9 pm, every day until end of competition on May 29.
2. Turismo de Santiago´s municipal tourist information office (Rúa do Vilar, 63).
3. In city hotels.
4. In cocktail bars belonging to “Cidade Vella” Cultural Association (see
5. In any establishment attached to the SANTIAGO(é)TAPAS competition.

Users may win different prizes, as long as they cover the special participation
section with 5 stamps from 5 different establishments, 1 of which should
belong to each of the 5 established routes or stages. The Express Tapasporte
will only be valid if stamped by the hotel where the user is staying or by the
Competition Office (located in Praza de Galicia), as long as the user certifies
the overnight stay.

To win the different prizes, it should be presented duly filled in at:

1. The Municipal Office in Praza de Galicia, starting from May 13, from 12
noon to 3 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm any day of the week, until May 30.
The Express Tapasporte will be valid during the period of the competition:
from May 13 to 29.


Users of the Express Tapasporte that present it duly filled in, and stamped by
5 different establishments, one of which should belong to each of the 5 (é)
TAPAS, will be entitled to a guaranteed prize until end of stock, choosing from
among the following 3 options: a) Santiago(é)Tapas Recipe Book (50 units); b) an
illustrated map of Santiago de Compostela, published by Turismo de Santiago
(50 units); and c) a Compostela Walking Tours guided visit (Gastronomy Tour,
Guided Tour of Enclosed Convents, Churches, Combined tour to the Old Town
+ City of Culture and mp3 Audio-Guides in 6 languages) promoted by Turismo
de Santiago. Tours should be requested during the period of the competition
(offer is only valid until June 30), subject to availability and times of tours.


A prize draw among all participants in voting: everyone voting for his or her
favourite tapa will enter a prize draw for 2 return plane tickets issued by Air
Berlin to any European destination it flies to and subject to the company’s
conditions. The prize draw will be held in the presence of a notary. Prize
sponsored by Air Berlin.