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Today is saturday 1 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

83/ Variegated covered in pork rind on Irish moss


1 variegated scallop
6 g pork rind
10 g Irish moss
10 ml olive oil
5 g tempura flour
3 g water


Clean and wash variegated scallop, scraping shell if necessary.
Open and cut nerve attaching it to shell, remove body, clean waste, wash and dry.
Crush pork rind to produce small granules.
Put olive oil in pot, heat at 180o.
Add salt to variegated scallop, dip in tempura and then in crushed pork rind.
Fry for a few seconds until souffled, remove and strain fat.
Wash moss well and dress with a few drops of soy sauce.


Place moss salad on shell, with fried variegated scallop on shell.

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