estado do tempo
Today is friday 28 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

102/ Salad sunflower


1 small potato
1 small carrot
1 boiled egg
1 spoonful of tuna
1 spoonful of mayonnaise
1 teaspoonful of tomato sauce
2 green olives
2 black olives
2 cherry tomatoes
Pringles potato chips
1 lettuce leaf
Spring onion


Cook potatoes, carrots and egg. Mix in a bowl with finely chopped potato, carrot, egg white, green olives, tuna and a little mayonnaise with tomato sauce.

First the lettuce, with the salad on top, cover with mayonnaise and grated egg yolk. Place Pringles potato chips all around like petals. Add pieces of cherry tomatoes and black olives in centre.

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