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Today is friday 28 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

16/ Stew sardine


1 boneless sardine loin
10 g of blended turnip tops or green beans, according to season
20 g boiled potato
3 g plant gelatine powder
20 g ham foreleg oil (fat)
40 g ham foreleg juice (fat and stock)


Crystallise sardine in ham foreleg oil at 64o for 4 min.
For the turnip top juice, add plant gelatine powder to blended turnip tops. Boil, extend over sheet and allow to cool. Once cold, cut into rectangle the same size as sardine.
Grate boiled potato and mix with ham foreleg juice.


Form a cylinder with rectangles of turnip top juice and fill with potato. Place sardine on top of cylinder.

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