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Today is sunday 23 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

96/ Sucking Pig Roll with Apple Sauce


50 g crystallised sucking pig
20 g apple sauce (Reineta compote)
1 glass Albariño wine
Prune macerated in Pedro Ximénez
6 toasted pine nuts
1 Cea bread crouton


Crystallise sucking pig cut into two (in vacuum-sealed bags).
Bone and roll, leaving skin on the outside. Tie and bake until skin turns golden brown.
On the other hand, make apple sauce acidic by cooking Reineta apples (cut into quarters) in Albariño wine over a low flame (compote).
Place sucking pig roll on apple sauce and toasted pine nuts, and serve with Cea bread crouton. Decorate with Pedro Ximénez-flavoured prune.

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