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Today is friday 19 july, it is ºC and in Santiago

44/ Hake on Emulsion of Peas, Lemon Thyme-flavoured Spring Onions and Crystallised Potato


50 g of hake
20 g of peas
10 g of fish fumet
40 g of olive oil
15 g of spring onions
5 g of fresh lemon thyme
30 g of small Galician potatoes


Cut hake into loins with skin, cook in pressure cooker just to the boiling point. Sauté peas, soak with fumet, cook, blend, strain and emulsify with olive oil.
Crystallise spring onions with oil and thyme.
Crystallise potatoes with skin.
Serve hake in soup dish on emulsion of peas, accompanied with spring onions and potatoes.

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