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Today is thursday 27 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

98/ Pig’s Ear Glazed with Rice “Socarrat”


2 pig’s ears
1/2 carot
2 cloves of garlic
2 dl red wine
Rosemary, thyme, oregano (fresh)
100 g bomba rice
50 g ear glacé
350 g stew stock


Brown pig’s ears (which have previously been soaked in milk all night). Remove once golden brown. Poach vegetables (cut into “midepoix”) in same oil. Once they have a dark colour, dilute with red wine. Add pig’s ears again, pour in a lot of water and cook for 3 hours. Separate part of the cartridge and keep only the centre of the ear. Cook rice with stew stock. Add glacé resulting from straining and reduce the juice from cooking the ears. Once cooked (a little “al dente”), put into circular moulds and compact in fridge. Mark in frying pan until attaining a “socarrat” effect. Place ear glazed with its own juice on top of rice toastie.

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