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Today is saturday 22 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

57/ Cod millefeuille with black olive pâté and dried tomato vinaigrette


30 g of desalted cod
10 ml of olive oil
10 g black olives
10 g green olives with anchovy
20 g puff pastry
2 ml white vinegar
1 slice of dried tomato in oil


Mark cod on both sides on grill. Allow to cool.
Extend puff pastry as much as possible and bake at 190o. Cut into the size of half a credit card, while hot so that it does not break.
Crush olives with olive oil to make a paste.
Chop up dried tomato into very small pieces and dress with a little vinegar (the tomato already has oil).
Spread olive pâté on cod and add two leaves of puff pastry to make a sandwich.
Decorate with an olive on a cocktail stick.

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