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Today is wednesday 26 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

37/ Snack in the convent


30 g of 66% chocolate covering
40 g white chocolate
40 ml 35% cream
40 ml whole milk
1 pinch of salt

SPICES (to attain the required balance of flavours):

Stick and ground cinnamon
Black pepper
Chilli pepper
1 large strawberry
1 leaf fresh mint
Cocoa powder for decorating
2 tablespoonfuls of milk foam (cream)
1 wooden skewer


50 g flour
50 g sugar
75 g almonds
1 egg
25 g crystallised orange
25 g lemon rind


In bain-marie, divided into equal parts, infuse cream and milk together. One of the parts with all the spices except ginger, which is for infusing the other part of milk and cream. Once infused, add dark chocolate and white chocolate respectively, as if drinking chocolate. Serve hot in liqueur glass.
Make cookies and cut two long 10 cm x 1 cm strips.
Cut large strawberry into three slices; skewer.
At time of serving, refill two liqueur glasses with chocolate creams, cover with milk foam and sprinkle glass of chocolate with cocoa.
Place on plate 2 cookie strips, strawberry skewer and a leaf of mint.

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