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Today is thursday 18 september, it is 18ºC and mostly cloudy in Santiago

97/ Galician Style Limpets


8 large limpets
1/4 onion
30 g chorizo
1 clove of garlic
30 g ham
5 dl natural cider
1 tomato
1 bay leaf

1 scallop
8 limpets (the same as above)
30 g Granny Smith apple
15 g crystallised onion
40 g limpet juice
20 g cornbread
10 g cured beef




Brown onion and garlic. Add chorizo and jam. Add diced tomato and allow to stick to bottom of pot. Remove with cider. Add limpets, which will be covered, half by cider, half by fish stock. Aromatise with bay leaf and sauce. Cook for 34 minutes, strain and reduce resulting juice 1/3 with a very low flame.


Cut limpets and scallop into small pieces and mix with a spoonful of well-poached spring onion and diced apple. Add thick juice from cooking. Put into shells.


Fry diced cured beef along with cornbread. Dry and chop up. Cover shells with resulting powder (as if scallops) and bake until golden brown. We recommend serving with diced apple soaked in sour cider.

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