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Today is monday 24 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

14/ Ham foreleg with turnip tops and potatoes in pie with crisp


30 g of ham foreleg
1 slice of chorizo
30 g of turnip tops
50 g of potato
Salt flakes
Cayenne pepper
Virgin olive oil


Prepare traditional-style ham foreleg and turnip tops
Set aside a piece of ham foreleg to make crisps, frying the slices of ham foreleg for a few minutes.
Dice ham foreleg and chorizo.
Make potato puree.
Place a layer of potato puree in bottom of pie.
Add a layer of turnip tops, along with diced ham foreleg and chorizo.
Cover with a little puree.
Cover with salt flakes, paprika and cayenne pepper.
Sprinkle with virgin olive oil.
Decorate with ham foreleg crisp.

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