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66/ From the Galician Sea (cream of mussels, mussel crisp and mussel oil)


Galician mussels
Spring onion
Mild white fish stock
Olive oil
Arbequina olive oil
Kataifi pastry


Open mussels in pot with a little water, a splash of Godello wine, a bay leaf and peppercorns. Once open, keep juice from cooking and strain them in superbag with the finest possible mesh. Blend mussels.
Sauté spring onion and leek in a little butter and olive oil. Once they open up, add Godello wine, reduce and add mussels. Poach for a few minutes and pour on fish stock and water from mussels. Cook over a soft flame for 20 minutes and add salt and white pepper. Blend in turmix and strain using fine mesh. Set aside.

Wrap mussel in kataifi pastry slightly greased with clarified butter. Skewer for frying.

Place several mussels on silpat. Bake in oven at 75o for 4 hours until dry. Chop into fine power, add Arbequina oil and blend to produce a homogenous mix. Put in serving bottle and set aside.

Place very hot cream of mussels in glass, fry crispy mussel skewer and place at edge of glass. Shake serving bottle with mussel oil and season.

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