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41/ Cheese Crisp and Quince


50 g of cured Galician cheese
60 g quince
5 g chopped and toasted almond
1 slice of cornbread
1 beaten egg
Finely chopped fresh lemongrass
2 spoonfuls water
Leaf of mint


Cut a rectangular piece of cheese and dip in egg and cornflour, twice to make sure it is well sealed. Put in fridge since it should be chilled.
Use fork to mash quince, mix with chopped almond and finely chopped lemongrass, in a discrete quantity so as not to hide the quince flavour. Make a little ball and dip in chopped almond. These balls should be prepared beforehand so that the lemongrass perfumes the quince.
Mix remaining quince with water and blend to obtain a fine coulis, which will be used to decorate the plate.
Cut a thin slice of cornbread, shape into a triangle and toast in oven, without altering its colour, at 100oC. Keep in vacuum-sealed bag to preserve its crispiness.
At the time of preparing the tapa, fry the piece of cheese in plenty of oil, at medium-high temperature so that it turns golden brown without melting. Dry with absorbent paper.
Place triangle of cornbread on plate, sticking it with drop of coulis. Add crispy cheese with ball of quince on top. Decorate with leaf of lemongrass or, failing that, mint and decorate the plate with quince coulis.

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