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Today is wednesday 26 october, it is ºC and in Santiago

45/ 63º Lamb with Its Crispy Skin, Cottage Cheese with Honey-Coated Walnuts and Smoked Potato Millefeuille


50 g of deboned lamb ribs
5 g virgin olive oil
Drops of lemon
10 g cottage cheese
5 g walnuts
5 ml honey
50 g Galician potatoes
10 ml smoked oil


Vacuum-seal lamb with a little salt, lemon and olive oil.
Cook in Roner for 24 hours at 63o.
Coat walnuts in honey and grind.
Make 3 balls of cottage cheese and dip in ground walnuts.
Make potato millefeuille, vacuum-seal with smoked oil and cook for 1 hour at 90o. Cut and fry.
Pour a line of juice from lamb, add piece of lamb on top with skin toasted on grill, accompany with cottage cheese balls and smoked potato millefeuille.

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