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Environmental Declaration

INCOLSA-Turismo de Santiago is committed to continuously improving its environmental actions, complying at all times with current legislation and employing environmentally-friendly technologies, materials and resources.

This policy is made up of the following guidelines:

The organisation updates an Environment Management System that is included in INCOLSA-Turismo de Santiago’s general management, as an essential part of such, and in all of its functions.

The management has designated a representative with defined responsibilities and authority in order to promote the Environment Management System.

The organisation has the goal of improving its programmes and objectives with regard to the environment, taking into account technical advances, scientific knowledge, citizen needs and society’s objectives.

INCOLSA-Turismo de Santiago informs and motivates its employees to carry out their activities, both inside and outside it, in an environmentally-friendly way. Participation among its employees is likewise favoured, making them part of a common objective.

The introduction and usage of environmentally-friendly processes and products is encouraged. Such products and processes should be efficient as regards the consumption of energy and natural resources, and the generation of noise and waste. Products should be recycled, reused or eliminated in the most environmentally-friendly way.

INCOLSA-Turismo de Santiago promotes the adoption of principles similar to the aforementioned among its suppliers, encouraging them to put them into practice and taking them into account when it comes to evaluating their offers.

INCOLSA-Turismo de Santiago has the goal of satisfying tourists and residents in general, by means of services capable of covering or even exceeding their expectations while fully respecting the environment. Clients are likewise informed and motivated about respecting the environment.

Periodical audits are undertaken regarding environment management, and the attaining of set objectives and programmes, providing information about such.

Correcting non-compliances that arise, emphasising prevention to avoid repeating the same mistake. The policy and principles set out in this document will be reviewed and adapted to new environmental determinants.

INCOLSA adopts an open stance as regards its relations with the outside on environmental issues, whether with the administration, interest groups or society in general, placing special emphasis on the tourism sector. Its policy is at the public’s disposal.

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