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Very close to Santiago: A Estrada

This itinerary starts in A Estrada’s Alameda (park), beside Plaza del Concello, towards the River Liñares swimming area. We cross the river over the medieval bridge of Callobre and continue as far as the house of Valiñas and its 300-year-old cork tree. In the second part of the route, we cross back over the river and continue along its right-hand bank.
We now leave the River Liñares and start back to A Estrada, visiting the remains of the medieval fort of Guimarei, with its tower and palace in ruins.

Start and finish: A Estrada’s Alameda (park)
Physical difficulty: Medium
Difficulty of terrain: Low
Time: 4 hours
Distance: 13 km


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Praza da Constitución, A Estrada, 36680
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