Circular Trail of Doade

A 9-km-long trail that goes through the restored village of Doade. The route features waterwheels, fountains, rural tracks and a “castro” (Celtic settlement), among other elements of interest. The trail is of low difficulty and can be followed by bike, on foot or on horseback. It takes about 2 hours walking to complete.

This trail runs through several villages in the parishes of Doade and Lebozán, such as OsMuíños, Carracedo, A Lama, O Penedo, as well as the village of Codeseda, which houses the "Casa do Patrón" Ethnographic Museum, which marks the beginning of the itinerary.

You can see a map of the route HERE

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Circular Trail of Doade

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San Pedro de Doade, Lalín, 36515
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