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From 11 to 14 March 2016

The ’romería’ of San Lázaro, a neighbourhood situated at the entrance of the city, on the Way of St. James, is both religious and gastronomic. The patron saint is honoured with a mass and a procession, in addition to an ancient tradition in which pig’s trotters are auctioned as an offering to the saint, "Festa da Uña". The culinary aspect is therefore based on pig’s trotters with cabbage shoots (**)



  1. Restaurante A Casa da Viña  see restaurant here
  2. Restaurante Casa Carollo see restaurant here
  3. Restaurante Doña Ana see restaurant here
  4. Restaurante La Bodeguilla de San Lázaro see restaurant here
  5. Restaurante La Finca see restaurant here
  6. Restaurante Mesón de Lázaro see restaurant here
  7. Restaurante O Muiñeiro see restaurant here
  8. Restaurante O Tangueiro see restaurant here
  9. Restaurante A Grella see restaurant here
  10. Restaurante A Pedra Quente see restaurant here
  11. Restaurante San Lázaro see restaurant here
  12. Restaurante Labrador see restaurant here
  13. Restaurante Mesón As Fontiñas see restaurant here
  14. Restaurante Pedra Santa see restaurant here
  15. Restaurante Susos see restaurant here


  1. Restaurante A Taberna da Feira see restaurant here
  2. Restaurante El Bocalino see restaurant here
  3. Restaurante San Jaime see restaurant here
  4. Restaurante Ultreia see restaurant here


* List of restaurants facilitated by Businessmen's Association of Hotel and eatering business of Santiago

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San Lázaro, Santiago de Compostela
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