Belvís Park, Convent of Belvís and `Seminario Menor´
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Belvís Park, Convent of Belvís and `Seminario Menor´

Belvís Park follows an elongated watercourse, made up of several meadows watered by a small stream. The walls, terraces and historical paths, such as the picturesque lane called As Trompas, have been respected in the project of this green `non-building area´ that both separates and links the old town and the large buildings of the Convent of Belvís and the `Seminario Menor´, forming a kind of natural moat bordering the medieval town. Its highest part provides singular views of the entire city.

Founded in the 14th century, the Convent of Belvís was rebuilt during the baroque period by the Mexican archbishop Monroy, who belonged to the Dominican order. The church was designed by Fernando de Casas y Novoa –the same one that designed the Cathedral façade facing Plaza del Obradoiro- who applied his characteristic geometric-vegetation decoration to the communion façade. The discalced Dominican nuns inhabiting it make delicious biscuits, which can be bought in the convent.

The `Seminario Menor´ is a large building that stands out in Santiago´s cityscape because it is also located on the top of a hill. Built in the 1950s, following the eclectic style that was popular in Spain at that time, it houses a school, a seminary and a pilgrim hostel.



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 Belvís Park, Convent of Belvís and `Seminario Menor´

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Rúa de Belvís, Santiago de Compostela, 15703