VAL DO DUBRA is a small inland municipality in A Coruña province, with an area of 108.2 km2, located between the area of Santiago de Compostela to the southeast, the municipality of Trazo to the east, Tordoia to the north, Santa Comba and A Baña to the west and Ames to the south. The River Tambre borders it in the south. It has a population close to 4,234 inhabitants according to the 2012 Census, divided among 12 parishes, with Bembibre being the administrative centre.

Val do Dubra is well communicated with the rest of the region and the main population centres. The local AC-1914 road (A Coruña-Santiago) stands out in the road network, crossing the municipality from north to south. Santiago is 22 km away: you take the local AC-404 road and, after 14 km, the local AC-1914 road (daily bus service by the Aucasa company).

Val do Dubra forms part of an eminently rural region. The population’s main activities are related to the construction and services sectors. However, the economy is based on the farming sector. There is a low industrial presence in the area, being limited to small workshops and factories. The services sector is centred on Bembibre, the main population centre.


Megalithic Monument in Portomouro
The parish of Portomouro, at the place called Altamira, features a series of mysterious anthropomorphic burial places that date from the 4th-8th centuries.

Trekking Routes
Val do Dubra has three signposted trekking routes for nature lovers: the River Dubra Route, Oak Grove Route and River Tambre Route. By means of these short, easy-to-follow natural routes, which go through the municipality’s most attractive spots, walkers can appreciate their beauty and discover their scenic and cultural value.

Religious Architecture
In relation to religious heritage, the following churches stand out: Santiago de Buxán, Santa María de Arabexo, San Salvador de Bembibre, San Martín de Coucieiro, San Cristóbal de Erviñou, San Vicente de Niveiro, Santa María de Paramos, San Cosme de Portomeiro, San Cristovo de Portomouro, San Vicentre de Rial, Santa María de San Román and San Pedro de Vilariño.


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